By Marina Yam

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Frozen 2

PQP! Como conseguiram por a Elsa nessa potaria??? kkkkk

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Gostaria de agradecer a meu oftalmologista por ter me dado um balde de água fria e aumentado minha espera pra parar de usar óculos em pelo menos 2 anos…

E por agora eu não conseguir reconhecer pessoas a 3m de mim PORQUÊ VOCÊ ERRO MEU GRAU SEU FILHO DA PUTA!


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My morning ritual.

Reblogando isso… Porque isso é muito lindo, minha nossa :’O

Mergulhei sem ver, tarde demais pra respirar.
Solto nesse temporal, longe de chegar
Não sei voltar… Melhor seguir.


 NAME: Junior Lima

 IG NAME: @junior_lima

742 Photos | 259 Following | 104.296 Followers

 LIVE IN: I live in São Paulo - Brazil.

 DISCOVER THIS PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY? About ten years ago, my mother gave me an analog camera (a Pentax) that she had bought and didn’t fell comfortable with it . She was taking photography classes at the time and taught to me about iso, aperture and speed. I fell in love with it right away and never stopped taking pictures since then.

 BIGGEST INFLUENCES: I think every picture that I like inspires me in some way. I try not to get to attached to any photographer in special, to create my own style.

 WHAT ELSE MOTIVATES YOU TO SHOOT? everything! it’s something that happens when I look at something that gets my attention, and the picture comes to my mind. Then comes the personal challenge of getting the result that I am looking for.

MAGICAL PLACE: I believe it was at Brice Canyon / Utah

 CAMERA: On my IG I use only my iPhone. But I use a Canon 5D Mark III for “professional” pics.

 MUSIC: that’s the hardest question, cause I’m actually a musician. Lately, I’ve been listening a lot to Led Zeppelin, MuteMath and Bonobo.

 SUGGESTION TO HAVE A PROFILE REPUTABLE: I like profiles that have a well defined style, harmony between all the pictures of the timeline e good taste for editing the pictures colors. I don’t like much the HDR effect. There was a time when I did like it, but got tired of it very quickly!


 FAVORITE PROFILE: @cesinha and @fisheyedreams

 POSITIVE POINTS OF IG: endless pictures to inspire you, great photographers to follow, the chance to practice as much as u want… I felt that I evolved a lot as a photographer since I started using IG.

 NEGATIVE POINTS OF IG: Extremely addictive!

Nossa, que orgulho do nosso Junior.

Super ansiosa pela 4º Temporada! Adoro essa personagem e essa fotografia… Ficou ótimo!